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Time flies on and on and on…

Its crazy how time flies and how you sometimes expect yourself to be where you are now and its worth it. I mean its crazy bc in a blink of an eye you lose a vital moment in your life. Musiq Soulchild said “Time waits for nothing. And everything will take its time”, Thats pretty wise. But how i feel. Always racing the clock. I always tried to make time my friend but how can you? I guess be swift in all your actions to save time. But something else sucks about that is how when your in moments of enjoyment time tends to fly! But when your bored or just in automotion in your daily routine time drags. Im going to see my girl soon and im pretty estatic. I just hope time doesnt fuck me over and races me through all the time i have with her. And the reason i say that because i know i will have many and plenty moments of enjoyment with Coley so i just hope time doesnt zoom by. I wanna exaggeratedly drag ever second i have. I miss her sooooo much and its going to be so worth it and such a motivator to see my partner my other half my best friend my lover and future wife. She means everything to me. She motivates me to be the best i can be. I want to make her happy and have someone she can talk about with pride. Success i guess is the trait i am trying to describe. And even though sometimes i cant talk to much bc of my military duties or preparation for tomorrow i know she still loves me. I know she understands and shes a trooper for it. She is such a genuine girl. They dont come often enough ever. Its crazy how when you find the One you guys just mesh. Coley and i have many memories together and they will only keep growing and i just cant wait to make her week when im with her. Just me and her bc we didnt have all of that back at Lackland afb. But this times different. Just hold on a bit more baby, im almost home and its going to be a blast. And incase tmm gets ultra busy i just want you to know i havent forgotten. Happy 2 yrs and 9 mos anniversary babe. I know we been a bit distance due to my duties but dont forget our goals babe and as hard as it is, stay positive and have fun as much as you can so time flies and we can be permanently together soon enough. I love you Coley. Con todo mi Alma y Corazon.

Good Sunday, Great God.

I love Sundays. They are so peaceful. I woke up getting ready for church. I go to a contemporary protestant church. Its lively and nice there. I am a Mormon but, Mormon churches are a little bit in high demand on this base. I’ve been going to the protestant church since BMT. I like it. Regardless I am worshiping our savoir. Im pretty sure he doesn’t mind where I worship so long as I am worshiping.

The sermon today was quite interesting. It was about don’t fear to pass the word of Christ and don’t worship random Idols. Worship the god of all gods. The creator himself. He spoke how the one you worship should be the one who created for you. Life opportunity happiness, all done by the god who created all we know in six days and rested on the seventh. God has created much for me. All my life. And even though I might of been a late bloomer at the age of 19, I do believe. and Strong. I would not be here in the greens that I adore to wear if it were not by my god. Through his will he has let me come this far with amazing people by my side. He’s given me wonderful opportunities and commitments. I did not know he had such confidence in me. I accept them willingly and gracefully for they are all blessings in my eyes. With the one blessing being the best of the best, my lovely girlfriend Nicole. 

I talk about her a lot i know, but she is one to be spoken of, I mean this individual is just plan amazing. And I stand by every day wondering and analyzing how great she is. She may look feeble, she may look soft but she is stronger than any girl I know. She may not show her strength in muscle, but through intelligence through emotion, through understanding she excels. It amazes me how she works and what makes her tick. But I am willing to spend my entire life to find out. The chaplain today spoke of how our creator creates amazing things every day, and he pointed at us. I thought I sure don’t see myself being one of his best creations but I know and have the privilege of knowing one of his best. And the fact that he is willing to let me love her and allow to let her love me back, I am truly thankful Lord. 

Life is full of surprises and who knows what might around the corner. I am in the military now and surprises are literally around the corner. Only been in for 2.5 months and I see surprises everyday. Change is constant in this lifestyle. And even though such statement is true there is one change I know will never be put in place and that is my love for Nicole, and through any other change that might come for her or myself I know that by each others side we will be whether physically or mentally. I hold her hand one way or another and face it head on.

So when I do pass the word of God and how great he is, I’ll make sure to tell of my wonderful blessings he has given me. I’ll make sure to tell of my expeditious journey, my supporting family, and my loving soon to be wife. Through that they shall understand and if i am able to just spark at least a curious wonder of our lord, I’ll consider that a success. 

Thank you Lord for all your blessings and for holding my family , Nicole and myself in your powerful hands. I am forever grateful. 

Its so crazy. Looking back. Now USAF.

In January of this year I entered an Air Force recruiting office, intimidated by the blue but not scared of the challenge I begged to be mine. Its so crazy that, that happened in this year alone. What felt like an eternity was only months back. Now I am here. Wearing the honorable digital tiger stripes I take pride in. My blood has turned blue and I snap at attention when I hear the National Anthem or the Airman’s Creed. I am an American Airman. I am a Warrior. 

BMT was a challenge. Being suddenly stripped from everything you love and know to the constant stress of giving many  tasks and a quater of the time to finish it. But I proved myself. My MTIs had nothing but positive things to say to me. So much so, it is written on documents a comment that was given to me that “Bedoya will become an important asset to the USAF”. Me, an individual from a middle class family in the boroughs of Attleboro, doing big things in the Air Force. It’s so crazy. I want to thank my beautiful Girl Friend Nicole who stood by me spiritually during BMT. Never missed a beat when I asked her to write me every day. I would never quit for her. I want to thank my Family and friends as well for reminding me why am I here. Once my graduation came, it was all worth it. 

I never forget why I signed up. I always wanted to to serve the country i so much adore. I wanted a better future not just for myself but for Nicole as well. I wanted to better myself. Become an individual with discipline and the ability to always do what is right without question. To lead and never derive my subordinates from our core values. I wanted to be in the ultimate brotherhood that only the strong prevail and the intelligent strive on. 

Its so crazy how much has happened in so little time. It is crazy that just a year ago this seemed like a dream. its so crazy that my commanders believed in me to allow me the privilege to wear the honorable jersey of the World’s Greatest Air Force. It’s so crazy that this is all so real. And right next to me all the way my dearest Nicole.

I Love her so much. I could never let her go or picture myself with out her. I am forever in her debt. Shes contributed so much into my success even if she sees it as the little things. BMT has made us stronger and I am so happy shes on board all the way. God has blessed me with an angel. Thank you for always being there babe. I love you.

So here I am. Connected into the real world again but not as a civilian. Now I am an Airman, a United States Airman, who willingly answered his Nations call. 

Holy SHIT!

I haven’t been on here in a while. Partially because I have been busy but mainly because I been lazy to write haha. I don’t like writing  Any ways I suppose I should let you guys in on whats happening. Not that many people if any follow my blog religiously unlike my other half, but at least I know if she reads this it’ll make her smile and that’s good enough for me!

Alot has happened since my last post. I lost 30+ pounds in a Month! From 208 lbs to 174 lbs. Eating right and running and hour a day 6 days a week on a treadmill starting at 6.5 mph and escalating every 10 minutes by .05 mph. I feel and look great. 

As far as the road to the new beginning, it is going so well and I again thank all my supporters, my family my girlfriend Nicole and of course God. If any one is interested, my new road is my successful enlistment in the United States Air Force. Since my previous post, I lost weight, went to MEPS, got accepted in the Delayed Entry Program, and got offered a job in the U.S. Air Force to sign up as an Open Mechanical Aptitude, and finally i got my ship date to AFBMT in August 20th! YIKES that’s only about 3 months from now. Every thing happened so quickly that i feel like January was yesterday. Regardless it has been a long time coming  A mission of mine for 2 years now. If you guys look back to my first few post you’ll see it. Any ways I am super excited for my new beginning  I will be able to accomplish my schooling and earn good money that I will save. All of this of course to benefit not only my future but my counterpart’s future as well as our future family. I do love her very much and I just would like to say that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here right now. Shes such a smart gal and I am quite lucky to have her in my life.

Other than these events, it has been a pretty fun 4 months since my last post. Running alot. Made new friends. Got in touch with Facebook again. UMass trips are always fun. And of course many new events that happened with My Nicole and I. 

It’s been intense how so many things are rapidly changing. Coley is almost done with her Freshman year! Jeeeeez. I remember when she first left to UMass Amherst. I cried like a bitchhhhh! Shoot I wont front. I thought i was never going to see her again and miss her a shit load. But again god is good to us and made it all work. And i am convinced it always will work no matter the distance. Any who, I am super proud of Coley. Shes a boss when it comes to her school work and responsibilities. I dont often admit it but shes such a good rome model to me and I often find myself admiring her, looking up to her, and in times of questionable decisions I ask myself, what would Coley do. College has changed her so much and made her discover parts of herself that I dont know if she knew existed granted I knew they were there dormant waiting to be released. I like the new Coley. But then again Ill always like the ______ Coley.

I cant wait to ship out to my “College”. I cant wait to see the individual I will transform into. Of course nothing short from positive and a leader. Essentially though that’s what the military is today for teens. Aside from the honor and training, Junior enlisted ranks for the most part are no older than 25 and they are stationed in barracks that resemble that of college dorms. Take away the uniforms, the guns, and the training and you have a College. Any who  I don’t see it as that. I see the U.S. Air Force as an elite fighting force always striving for technical advances and hopefully one day if god is willing I will be able to help in such research and advances. 

I will finally be able to regain my honor and make everyone proud again. And I am very thankful that I am given the opportunity, honor, and privilege to serve my beloved country, The United States. I will not let My loved ones nor America down. As the last few lines of the Airmen’s Creed goes, “I will never falter, and I will not fail.”

I love it…

When my girl bites her lower lip and she looks so concentrated and in thought. Its the cutest thing ever. Makes me want to hug Nicole so so hard. Jeez i miss her a lot. Especially her warmth. Some of the the things she does like giving me a little bit of blanket when im sleeping next to a cold wall, or saying “its only okay when i do it”, others might find annoying or absurd. I dont. I love it. I think its cute. I could deff live with her and her antics and believe me i plan on it. Love you and miss you so much coley.

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